Premium Enduratex™ marine-grade vinyl featuring the Produratect™ S finish developed for the grueling life of a spa cover. Treated for chlorine and bromine resistance as well as UV stabilization, crocking and mildew resistance.
Passes 1500 hours on the Weatherometer durability test.

Bottom Vinyl
Non-mesh, Tear-resistant double-laminate vinyl with polyester reinforcement spa cover liner. Weep holes located in this panel to discharge condensated water.

EPS Foam Cores
4, 5"”, and 6” tapered, virgin-bead EPS foam cores featuring good strength and low weight. A rigid, lightweight, formed plastic product with resilient closed cells offering a high, permanent R-value, inherent water resistance, and excellent physical strength and dimensional stability. All our foam is environmentally friendly containing no CFC’s or HCFC’s.
Absorption (vol.) is < 3% for 1.5 lb. density foam and < 2% for 2.0 lb. density foam.

Heat-sealed VaporShieldPE Vapor Barrier
Premium, linear low density, single-extruded polyethylene vapor barrier is heat-sealed with our vacuum-forming, pneumatic impulse-sealers ensuring a good seal. Much more effective and up to 500% wider seals than hand sealing wands.

Support C-Channel Beam
24 gauge galvinized steel C-channel beam much needed strong support across the center of ThermoShield spa covers.
Galvinized steel is much stronger and will not bow like aluminum supports.

Lockable Tie-down Fasteners
Each ThermoShield spa covers comes standard with four, lockable tie-down straps featuring the Sure-Loc fastener.
Keep children out while keeping the heat in.

Zipper and Thread
High quality zippers that still zip years later and strong Dacron, polyester thread that is treated with UV and mildew inhibitors.