Sonshine Products is a full-service, custom cut & sew shop in addition to our spa cover and billiard table cover production. Have a product that you need to have made? Or do you just want to outsource the cutting or slitting on a cut and sew project? We can help you.

With our experienced manufacturing stafff and by leveraging precision pattern cutting and slitting equipment, we can be your outsourced cut and sew solution. By bringing the pattern-making process off the cutting table and into the CAD system, we can fastrack the creation and changing of patterns. Our CAD-Shot equipment can even scan one of your existing patterns rendering the pattern.

If you have a project that you would like us to look at and quote, feel free to contact us at (800)494-9932.

Our precision-cutting system takes the guess work out of cutting.

Patterns are can be scanned in using the CAD-Shot system.

Once brought into our pattern-making software, patterns can be cleaned up and cut.