Sonshine Products stocks the following accessory products to compliment our ThermoShield premium spa covers. Shop for these in our authorized dealer online store or contact one of our representatives for information on how to purchase.



Replacement Buckles and Lock Kits
If the weather has taken one of these as a casualty, you can easily replace it with this kit. Each kit includes side release buckle set, screws for installation, and a key. The kit also includes replacement instructions. Available in retail packaged single and quad packs, as well as bulk units of 24.

Strap Extenders
Designed for clients that want their straps longer without having to send us the cover and pay to have longer straps installed, these tie-down strap extenders will add up to 24" to the length. Whether the strap is just shorter than desired or the mounting location is inaccessible or damage, this accessory product may be what your customer is looking for.

SecureStrap Wind Straps
If your customer is in a high-wind area and they fear their cover may want to take flight, these windstraps are what you are looking for. Use them like belts to hold down the cover. Set of two, adjustable length up to 10', windstraps with hardware to install them onto your spa.

Cover Saver
While bar-style spa cover lifters definitely make removing the cover easier, they do extra damage to the spa cover by hanging the cover by its hinge. The Cover Saver removes the extra stress from this important area of the spa cover extending its life.
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303 Aerospace Protectant
Sonshine Products has trusted and recommended this product for over twenty years so our customers can get the maximum life out of their spa cover. Its special formula keeps vinyl looking like new, reduces UV damage and maintains a like-new color, all the while dramatically extending cover life. We believe that 303 Aerospace Protectant is the finest spa cover protector product available. Both the 8oz. and 16oz. sizes are in stock and ready to ship.
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